Make Use Of A Vehicle Clean Wand In Excess Of Washing A Vehicle

Vehivle wash brush with staff

3. With the brush attached to the wand and the wand to the garden hose, you can scrub the house siding and windows, garage door, garbage cans, outside of gutters, and picket fences.

With the garden hose connected to the wand, and without the brush attachment, you can use the wand to reach outdoor hanging plants to water them. With a twist of the handle, you can adjust its length.

2. Because you can control the flow of water through the wand, it can result in a high pressure-like stream of water strong enough to wash debris off sidewalks, patios, decks, and even gutters.

To build vehivle washing evident, you can acquire a staff that attaches to your garden hose. The other end of the wand has a removable brush attachment. One way to wash your car with the apparatus is to fill a bucket with water, add car washing soap, and then dip the brush end of the wand into the soapy water. Scrub your car, returning the wand with brush to the soap bucket as needed. The wand has a twist on/off valve to let the water flow from the hose through the wand and out the brush, giving you an easy way to do final scrubbing and rinsing. Considering that many of us don't wash our car often, it could be hard to justify purchasing this type of a car wash wand, but, once you realize that there are other uses for the wand/brush combo, it becomes a worthwhile purchase.