Instructions For Manifold Indicators

Manifold gauges arrayal the impact on both the low and high-pressure sides of an air conditioning operation. This part determines provided there is Sufficiently or very still refrigerant in a step. Either of these circumstances can author a vehicle air conditioner to blow flushed air elsewhere of the vents instead of biting air by reason of it does not remit the compressor to turn on.


Assembly/Hook up

1. Situate on safety glasses.

2. Hurried both the bittersweet and unhappy manifold valves by turning them counterclockwise. The valves are underneath on Everyone side of the gauges.

3. Press the despondent hose on the connector underneath the blue valve. Press the other end onto the blue hose coupler. Repeat this process to attach the red hose on the right, red side of the gauge.

4. Press the yellow hose onto the middle yellow connector of the gauge. Press the other end of the yellow hose onto the charge valve on top of the yellow connector.

5. Remove the suction and discharge port caps from the vehicle air conditioning system. Place the blue coupler onto the suction port and the red coupler on the discharge port.

Push the small handle down on each coupler to attach them. Turn the top knob on each coupler clockwise to open them.

6. Turn the vehicle on and let it achieve operating temperature. Turn the air conditioner on in the car and open both the red and blue valves by turning the clockwise.

Diagnostic Test

7.10. Close the red valve by turning it counterclockwise.11. Remove the yellow connector from the top of the charge valve.

If the blue gauge is much lower than the guidelines, add refrigerant to the vehicle. If the red gauge is much higher than the guideline, remove refrigerant from the system.

Adding Freon

Observe the blue and red gauges on the tool.8. Compare the readings on each to the manufacturer's guidelines in the car owner's manual.9.

Shake a can of refrigerant until it becomes cold. Place the yellow connector on the can and turn it clockwise to seal it.

12. Shake the can gently up and down while in an upright position to transfer refrigerant into the air conditioning system. Continue this process until the blue gauge is at the recommended level. Add additional cans of refrigerant if necessary.

13. Close the blue valve counterclockwise. Turn the car off and remove all couplers.

System Evacuation

14. Remove the yellow connector from the top of the charge valve. Attach the end onto an evacuation pump. Turn the pump on and observe the blue gauge.

15. Turn the blue valve off counterclockwise when the reading falls to the correct level.

16. Turn the evacuation pump off. Turn the engine off and remove all couplers from the air conditioning system.