Install A Digital Ignition On The Triumph

Be trained install electronic ignition in your Triumph automobile

Installing an electronic ignition in a vintage Triumph vehivle is a positive performance and reliability improvement over the outdated first-hand Accoutrement points and condensers. A original electronic ignition method upgrade results in easier starting, increased potentiality and improved fuel economy. Electronic ignition has the servicing of activity continuation unpaid and never needing adjustments or tune ups. Changing your Triumph's ignition step is an elementary burden that is flourishing within the dexterity of the criterion central mechanic.


1. Shift the motorcar into impartial and application the parking brake. Turn the ignition switch off and disconnect the battery ground first place.

2. Remove the distributor cap and rotor however bring about not remove the Glimmer plug wires from the cap. Examine the distributor cap and rotor for wear or damage and moderate as needed.

3. Remove the points, condenser and wire grommet from inside the distributor. It is not crucial to remove or disturb the distributor adjustments or tamper with any other internal distributor components.

Connect the Ignitor-plate black wire to the negative (-) side of the ignition coil.Connect the Ignitor-plate red wire to the positive (+) side of the ignition coil. These two steps are for negative ground vehicles.

Install the magnet-sleeve from the ignition utensils over the distributor shaft and onto the aim cam. The sleeve exclusive fits one fashion on the shaft. Be careful not to damage the sleeve by forcing it onto the shaft.

6. Cover the wires of the ignitor-plate concluded the gap in the distributor housing. Pull the grommet into accommodation on the distributor moulding decided that the wires do not interfere with any moving parts. The grommet protects the ignition wires from chafing on the distributor housing. Neglecting to replace the grommet may cause ignition ground shorts or other problems later on.

7. Replace the rotor and distributor cap.

8.4. Disinfected the breaker plate and the stop cam. Install the ignitor-plate from the ignition equipment onto the breaker plate.5.

Remove the ignition switch wire from the negative (-) coil terminal. Connect

the black ignitor wire to the ignition switch wire. Connect the ignitor black/white wire to negative (-) side of the ignition coil. Connect an AWG 20 copper stranded wire from the positive (+) coil terminal to the positive (+) battery terminal or chassis. The steps in this paragraph are for positive ground vehicles.

9. Reconnect the battery ground lead and start the car. Test drive the car and listen for excessive pinging. Adjust the ignition timing if required.