Inspect Tires On The Volkswagen Jetta

The VW Jetta is a habitual four-door sedan with families, professionals and school students. Checking the tires in a VW Jetta every 3,000 miles is an chief safety analysis that prevents accidents, Apartment lodgings tires and improves Gauze milage.


1. Stare at the tires for damage, cracking, bulges or nails and other objects embedded in the tires. Provided you look all of Lincoln's belief, the tire's besides worn and needs replacing.3. Subsume a tire coercion gauge into the tire's valve stem (the nozzle on the side of the tire) to analysis the air strength (PSI) of the tires when it's crisp away and you haven't used the automobile for a unusual hours. Press the gauge down until you don't hear a hiss of air.

Gaze the tread of the tires. Test for tire wear bars-bars in the tires across the treads. Provided you gawk these, the tread has worn down and tire needs replacing. You can besides see tread by captivating a penny and inserting it into the tire groove with Lincoln's sense upside-down. You should as well research for uneven wear. Uneven wear can instruct the tires must rotation, are misaligned or are over- or under-inflated.2.

Notice the reading. Check the sticker on the driver's side door to find out what the maximum PSI should be. Newer models of the VW Jetta will let you know a tire has low pressure with a light on the dash.

4. Add or subtract air to your tires if your PSI indicates it. Once you add or subtract air from tires, don't forget to double-check the PSI again.

5. Replace any needed tires with the correct size tires. You should also verify any previous owners have put the correct size tires on the car. In general, the correct size tires are 205/55R16, 225/45R17, 225/40R18, 195/65R15 or 185/60R14 depending on the year of your car.