Info On Vehicle Vins

VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Symbol. Every machine has a insufficient metal plate stamped with the VIN attached to the sprint board on the Chauffeur's side near the windscreen. The VIN helps the Branch of Engine Vehicles cache track of a vehicle's owner and helps the police clinch if a automobile has been stolen.


Using the VIN, everything that happens to a car can be recorded. If the car has been in an accident or stolen, it can be traced using the VIN. Companies like Carfax create huge databases of VINs to help prospective buyers learn about a car's history before purchasing it.

Where to Find a VIN

The VIN appears in many places on a vehicle moreover to the standard spot on the dash board. Look for matching numbers on the firewall, steering column or the driver's side door.

Decoding a VIN

Each digit of a VIN stands for something specific. The first number or letter stands for the country of origin. A "1" or "4" stands for the USA, "2" is Canada and "3" is Mexico. The letter "J" stands for Japan, "W" is Germany, "Z" is Italy and "S" is England. The second character stands for the manufacturer, For instance "G" is General Motors and "C" is Chrysler. The third stands for the car's type or division. The next five numbers are used by the manufacturer to identify specifics about the car, such as the engine, model or body style. The ninth number, called a check digit, is used to verify the accuracy of the VIN. The model year is designated by the 10th number. The 11th character designates the plant where the vehicle was built. Remainder of the numbers are unique to the individual car.

Before 1981

To decode a VIN before the format was standardized, you must consult publications for your car's specific make and model. Almost every VIN can be identified through a collector car organization.

Unique Number

Assume of the VIN as human DNA or a fingerprint. It cannot be changed for the activity of the vehicle. Each digit is eloquent and contains the motorcar's historical counsel. This only character can benefit with insurance claims, theft and warranty earful.


The first off motorcar to application a VIN cipher was the 1953 Corvette. As the advertise Microcosm Bloodshed II economy boomed, and cars were growth produced than ever before. The motorcar companies began using VINs to accumulate track of Industry on such a substantial scale. There was no customary format for a VIN until the 1980s. All VINs are promptly 17 characters faraway.