Info On A 1974 Ford Gran Torino Elite

1974 adage changes in the Ford Engine Society mould path. The Torino had its roots in muscle van performance, on the other hand the muscle van craze came to a halt after 1970. Cover Iaccoca, a anecdote in the U.S. automotive Production, was the Head of the state of Ford Engine Society from 1970 to1978. Richard Langworth and Graham Robson wrote in their notebook "Collectible Cars 1930-1980," that "performance cars were getting passe' in Detroit." The Torino base string shifted its importance from performance to luxury. That shift reached its bitter end with the introduction of the Gran Torino Elite.


The advertising campaign stated that the Ford Elite was the "Thunderbird" version of the Gran Torino. The target audience for the Elite was the car buyer who wanted full size car luxury at an affordable price. This was also similar to the Thunderbird's molding. Two small fixed "operas" were cut into the side of the side of the roof. This was a common feature on two-door Ford luxury vehicles.

Gran Torino stated that the Elite was equipped with items standard on the Gran Torino Brougham (which is the top luxury Gran Torino) and equipment featured as options on top Torinos. Ford advertising commonly featured Elite's power windows and locks, high level interior with seat stitching similar to that of the Thunderbird, GT instrument cluster, and "cut pile" carpeting. Buyers had two choices of power sunroofs: a power steel sunroof or a power moonroof, which is a tinted glass sunroof.

Shared Platform

The Elite shared the same platform as the Ford Torino, Mercury Montego and Mercury Cougar. The roof-line silhouette of the Elite, Cougar and Montego is identical. Unlike the Mercury Montego and the Ford Torino, the Elite was available as "2-door hardtop" only. The wheelbase of the Elite was 114 inches and the overall length was 215.7 inches. Elite shared the same base engine with Torino, Mercury Montego and Cougar. (351 cubic inch, 2 barrel carburetor V-8)

The advertising focused upon the smooth ride the Elite delivered, because it was engineered with the same type of characteristics as the Thunderbird. Generous soundproofing was added to enhance the ride experience.

Sheet Metal and Styling

The Elite's body sheet metal was not interchangeable with the Torino or its other Ford cousins. The nose of the Elite sported a grill like the Thunderbird's. Elite employed thick body side molding, which ran from the turn signal to the tail lamp. The "Thunderbird" was Ford's top luxury vehicle. The advertising tie-in suggests that, like the Thunderbird, the Elite was no ordinary Ford. The advertising during this period focused upon the Elite.

Equipment Packages

A Luxury Subset Model

According to Gran Torino, the Elite was a subset model of Ford's Torino line and was considered a Torino. The side emblem read "Gran Torino Elite". Its luxury emphasized Thunderbird luxury, but, Elite was a midsized car. Early to mid-1970s Thunderbirds were full size cars.