Ignition Lock Cylinder Instructions For Any 1990 Crx

The ignition lock in your 1990 Honda CRX is mounted on the top, right-hand side of the steering path. For security reasons, the cylinder uses two mounting bolts with sheared-off heads. When installing the current unit, accomplish decided you bear positioned the cylinder true and it operates properly, on account of you Testament require to twist off the heads of the virgin mounting bolts.


14. Set the steering wheel in position over the steering shaft and tighten the wheel retaining nut using the ratchet, ratchet extension and socket. Torque the steering nut to 36 foot-pounds (50 Nm) using a torque wrench.

Detach the centre pad from the steering trundle. Apply a little, flat-head screwdriver as a diminutive pry bar to lift and remove the pad.

3. Unscrew the steering shove retaining aficionado using a ratchet, ratchet amplitude and socket.

4. Strike the bottom of the steering trundle spokes carefully with the palm of your hands to dislodge the spin from the steering wrinkle shaft, and assign the steering revolve aside.

5. Remove the steering wrinkle covers using a Phillips screwdriver.

6. Speck the centre of the lock cylinder mounting bolts with a centre punch and a hammer.

7. Drill a bitty gap in the two lock cylinder mounting bolts using the centre punch marks as a design. Custom an electric drill and a baby bit.

8. Unscrew the two lock cylinder bolts using a screw extractor.

9. Remove the lock cylinder from the steering column.

Installing the Ignition Lock Cylinder

10. Insert the new ignition lock cylinder without the key in the steering column housing, but do not tighten the mounting bolts yet. Make sure the cylinder is properly seated.

11. Insert the ignition key, momentarily position the steering wheel on the steering shaft. Make sure the steering lock works by rotating the steering wheel and turning the key. Also, make sure the key properly rotates all the way to the Start position. Remove the steering wheel.

12. Tighten the lock cylinder mounting bolts using a standard screwdriver. After tightening the bolts, keep the screwdriver turning until the bolts' heads twist off.

13. Install the steering column covers using the Phillips screwdriver.

Removing the Ignition Lock Cylinder

1. Disconnect the ground battery cable (ebony) using a wrench.2.

15. Snap the center pad in place on the steering wheel.

16. Connect the ground battery cable (black) using the wrench.