Identifying Rv Value

Condition of the Home

Square Footage

The value of the mobile home is determined largely based on the square footage. The more spacious the living area, the higher the price. A household in acceptable or true instance may keep a rare dings on the other hand otherwise be in crack contingency (visually and mechanically). A expressive central that's in fortuneless contingency looks malicious on the away and has mechanical problems that would aim you to fee it at the lowest end of the spectrum. If the mobile home has any special features such as an extra bathroom, new kitchen appliances, plush carpeting or other features, the appraised value of the mobile home will be higher.

Recent Sales of Comparable Mobile Homes

One of the best ways to determine the value of a mobile home is to Stare at what similar mobile homes are selling for or have sold for in the area. You can do this by doing a search on,, or MHBO (for sale by owner site). eBay has a feature that allows you to Stare at recent mobile home sales (see link below under "Resources"). Select "Show Only" and then "Completed Listings" under the search options.

Evaluate the overall case of the native. Animated values are commonly measured on a scale of empty-handed, correctly, agreeable or certified. A walking native in distinguished occasion Testament be for nothing of damages, defects--generally in like-new case, as provided it were fair-minded driven off a portion.

While the additional units may add value to the mobile home, you should also consider that the wider the home, the more difficult it will be to transport. Single trailers sell quicker. So a double-or triple-wide home could be worth less than you would first believe as compared to single trailers.

Perceived Value of the Buyer

When determining the value of a mobile home, home guides, blue books and appraisals can only give you a general idea. The true market value of the mobile home is mostly dependent on the perceived value by the potential buyer and market conditions. For example, a mobile home will be harder to sell in an area where there aren't many trailer parks. Also, you might have a buyer who is looking for a specific type of mobile home that you own. This buyer may be willing to pay more for the home.