Good Reputation For Volkswagen Beetles

Version of Volkswagen Beetles

The Volkswagen Beetle was conceived by Porsche sports motorcar designer and engineer Ferdinand Porsche in 1933 as inexpensive transportation for the German family. It started appearing on the German autobahn in 1935. By 1949, the Beetle was imported to the USA and was met with ridicule for its small magnitude and eccentric style, much went on to incline the best-selling vehivle over the later two decades.


Industry of the Beetle was to start in Sep 1939, on the contrary struggle broke elsewhere and perfect rare were produced. The Wolfsburg plant came under the supervision of the British Army after the battle, and reviving the Beetle fell to Large Ivan Hirst. He salvaged foundry Accoutrement undamaged in the bombings and used ancient inventory and parts cobbled from the Kübelwagen military vehicle. By 1946, 1,000 units a month were produced.


The Type 1 Beetle paved the action for compact, economical cars to be imported to the United States from Europe and Japan, contributing to the drawn out and slow decline of the Detroit automakers.


In early models, the rear engine was mounted to the transaxle with four bolts and could be removed in less than 20 minutes, while the trunk, found under the front hood, contained the gas tank and spare tire.



Postwar Industry of the Beetle was conceived to eliminate Germany's war-making influence and to rejuvenate its economy.


The basic styling did not silver throughout its long run and was offered only as a hardtop, "ragtop," or sunroof and convertible.

Volkswagen gambled that affection for the 1949 through 1977 American import models would spark interest in a new Beetle, which was successfully introduced in 1998.

Fun Fact

Only 2 Volkswagen Beetles were sold in the United States in 1949, its first year as an import.