Fix A Energy Window On The 2003 Grand Am

The 2003 Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size van that was imaginary by Public Motors. Whether the energy windows are not working properly, it could be for a incongruity of reasons. The window could be stuck, the regulator could be off balance or the aptitude window's Engine may bear a dilemma. Checking and replacing the regulator or the Engine is something you should be able to arrange on your own.

Unscrew the screw in the door grip, underneath the arm rest and remain the reflector at the backside column of the door using a Phillips-head screwdriver. Pry absent the reflector to remove the screw.2.

You may must to disconnect the panel from a wire connector with the screwdriver. Pry absent the switch plate using a flat-blade screwdriver and a rag to protect the plastic. Then unscrew the screw inside the opening where the switch plate was by using a Phillips-head screwdriver.


1. Pry off the window panel using a flat-blade screwdriver.

Pry out the door panel with a putty point and a rag. Commission your road approximately the door panel to Proceeds the clips that ownership the door panel to the door. Then lift up the door panel to Proceeds it from the door. You may devoir to disconnect any connectors carry on the door panel to completely remove it from the door.

3. Probation the regulator. Peel the bathe shield from the door. Unscrew any bolts that are holding the window in community. Pull the window all the expedient up in its roll up position and then tape it to the top of the door to enjoy it from falling back down.

4. Unscrew the bolts that Celebrate up the competency window's regulator with a socket and ratchet. There are five or six bolts environing the door. Then pull elsewhere the pin on the metal plate that is in the Centre of the door and its bolts. Lift the medal plate absent of the door and then remove the regulator outside of the door. While the window is taped up, call the automatic Press-stud to roll up the window a bantam for access to the bolt. Analysis to produce certain that the regulator is working properly and that the window is Stirring up and down before reassembling all parts.

5. Detach the tape from the window carefully and slide it back down to the inside of the door. Create another analysis while the window is back in its position on the regulator. Cook up trustworthy the window is working properly with the regulator while you press the automatic door Press-stud to roll it up and down. If the regulator is the problem, replace it. If not, check the window's motor and if necessary replace the motor.

6. Replace the power window motor on the regulator. Carefully unscrew the bolts that hold the motor in place by using a socket and ratchet. Make sure that you lay the motor on a flat surface when you remove it from its position. Once removed, replace it with a new motor. Once you're done checking your power window, reassemble all parts and you're done.