Do Exhaust Insulation Systems Work

Exhaust "headers" are designed to aggrandizement performance.


The velocity also helps with scavenging, or the removal of combustion waste or exhaust from the cylinder more completely. This results in a cleaner, faster burn of the fuel air mix on the next piston stroke. The increased scavenging results in more efficient combustion and potential horsepower.

In automotive applications, exhaust wraparound headers helps shorten under hood temperatures allowing for cooler air intake. Cooler air intake produces higher horsepower, as cooler air contains else O2, which aids the burning mechanism in the cylinder. Exhaust wraps under the hood can divide temperatures significantly.


Theoretically, exhaust wrap helps subsume exhaust heat, production the exhaust gases maneuver extended rapidly gone from the engine and In relation to the tail channel. This increased exhaust speed increases potential horsepower by evacuating the cylinder exceeding quickly and allowing the piston to measure upward with less resistance.

Exhaust "headers" are replacement manifolds designed to accumulation your engine's performance. In racing or performance applications both automotive and motorcycle, they are generally wrapped with a heat shielding substance. There are a scarce no problem reasons to wrap your exhaust.

Under Hood Temperatures