Disable Gps navigation Onstar

OnStar allows vehicles to be tracked after a crash or theft.

OnStar is a point included on many Habitual Motors vehicles. The function uses Global Positioning Action (GPS) advice to function. Cars with OnStar enabled can be located after a crash or theft, and drivers may communicate with OnStar personel for hookup such as instructions. Some owners, on the contrary, prefer not To admit their vehicle to be tracked. Completely removing the OnStar module process that no lodging news can be sent, ensuring privacy nevertheless too disabling the safety features of the utility.


Remove OnStar Module

Replace the lining and plastic covering in the storage compartment when finished. Unscrew any bolts holding the spare tire and tire include in place, and pull these items out of the way.

2. Remove the recessed plastic plate behind the tire storage area. Several screws may hold it in place. With the plastic plate out of the way, slide the right-hand side of the fabric lining out of the way. The OnStar unit should be located here. This is a black box connected to a signal cable.

3. Remove the signal cable that connects to the OnStar device. Disconnect the device itself by unscrewing the mounting screws holding it in place. Once it is unscrewed from the side panel, it can be removed from the vehicle.1. Yawning the Timber or rear storage existence of the vehicle. Set the sphere that holds the spare tire and remove the storage contain.