Choose An Antitheft Device

Any motorcar is unguarded to theft. Consider an armored collar to prevent this. The permanent type is better than the manual, which has to be taken off whenever you drive.5. Prevent amateurs and kids looking to joyride with a steering-wheel lock.

You can install a dispatch switch yourself for approximately $10 or you can outfit your rig with all the goodies for deeper than $1,000.

2. Don't rely as well all the more on factory-installed security systems; they are evident to disable. The electronic leading some cars come with is great, on the other hand manipulate another anti-theft development in conjunction with it.

3. Install hood locks on your machine provided it has an peripheral Proceeds. This Testament prevent your battery from continuance tampered with.

4. Conduct in tendency that the steering limit is the No. 1 basis for car thieves. Unfortunately, even if he can't get your car started, he may have already done enough damage that you won't be able to either. Nevertheless positive precautions Testament assemble your machine augmented of a ultimatum, which may packages the thief looking for easier pickings gone.


1. Conclude your budget.

6. Make a lot of noise. Car alarms are very common and come with a wide range of options. Motion, door-open and impact sensors are the most common.

7. Install an alarm worth having. A backup battery is important ' your alarm is useless without one if a thief unhooks your battery. Your insurance might drop if you have a passive system (one that arms itself). Remote keyless entry is handy and a pager will tell you when your alarm has been open.

8. Use a fuel- or ignition-kill switch (also known as immobilizers) to prevent the car from being started. Make sure it's hidden, though, or a thief can find it and easily bypass it. Many car alarms have an ignition-kill option.

9. Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etched onto all of the windows. Chop shops will find your car much less appealing.

10. Use more than one type of theft deterrent for peace of mind.