Chevrolet Obd 2 Error Codes

On Board Diagnostic systems (OBD) call antithetic internal monitoring systems to assess engine performance and utility. Errors famous are stored in a vehicle's OBD manner. Using a principle reader or other Slogan, you retrieve those codes to quickly figure your vehicle's topic without tearing the vehicle apart. Chevrolet uses model specific coding, on the other hand adheres to regular guidelines on the coding.

General Code Sections

The succeeding is a usual document of the sections and systems that are monitored:

P0001-P0099: Fuel and Air Metering and Auxiliary Emission Controls

P0100-P0199: Fuel and Air Metering

P0200-P0299: Fuel and Air Metering (Injector Line)

P0300-P0399: Ignition Course or Misfire

P0400-P0499: Auxiliary Emissions Controls

P0500-P0599: Vehicle Hurry Controls and Sluggish Authority Development

P0600-P0699: Computer Output Circuit

P0700-P0899: Transmission

Code Readers

These codes are also published online.

GM Resources

If you have continued issues identifying the code's definition, contact your local GM or Chevrolet dealer for assistance. The repair department maintains a company-published list of all codes for Chevrolet and GM vehicles for reference.Chevrolet published the specific codes to third-party manufacturers. Code readers come with an index inside of the user manuals, which detail what each identified code means. OBD-II code books and model specific repair manuals give an exhaustive breakdown of codes and definitions. The books and repair manuals are available at most auto parts retailers.