Change A Rear Wiper Motor

A rear wiper motor is a Slogan that turns the wiper arm meeting and wiper blade on the rear window of some vehicles. The rear wiper is generally used for clearing dirt and debris off the rear window, however it is typically not used as all the more as a front windscreen wiper Engine. Over period, nevertheless, these components determine fail due to an electrical short, or from the Engine simply burning absent. Once the Engine has failed, the peerless concern you can de facto achieve is alter it. Pull the rear wiper motor off.8. Install the new wiper motor and put the wiper motor and arm assembly back on the vehicle by reversing the completed steps.

Disconnect the cable running to the opposite terminal on the van's battery. To discharge this, loosen the fan on the cable clamp until the clamp is loose Sufficiently for you to slide the cable clamp off the negative battery terminal.

2. Pull the wiper arm away from the rear windshield until the wiper arm locks into a vertical or semi-vertical position or is perpendicular to the rear windshield.

3. Remove the nut holding the wiper arm assembly to the rear wiper motor.

4. Pull the wiper arm off the wiper motor assembly.

5. Unplug the rear wiper motor plug/harness.

6. Remove the screws holding the rear wiper motor to the inside of the vehicle at the base of the rear window.

7. To effect so, you're going to compulsion to apprehend chicken feed a rear wiper Engine.