Calculating For Jeldwen Window Substitutes

Replacement windows can cut coercion consumption and doctor up your central's appearance.

The Jeld-Wen association sells windows in discrete sizes to homeowners replacing windows during remodeling. Accurate measurements taken by homeowners guard invest in of the prerrogative window vastness. The Jeld-Wen website provides a worksheet on which to commit to paper the measurements. Gape Funds for a link to the worksheet.

Jeld-Wen, a privately held society originally based in Klamath, Oregon, any more employs aggrandized than 200,000 workers in 150 divisions in Canada and the USA. The business offers a gamut of replacement doors and windows for residential end.


1. Degree the span of the window between the jambs (the vertical wooden pieces that produce up the inside of the window frame). This is the adjusted measurement for the out-of-square window.

Slide a tape degree between the sashes and degree from the top upright, i.e., the horizontal wooden portion of the window frame, to the top slope of the windowsill at the bottom of the window. Measure the center, left and right sides of the window. Record the measurements on the worksheet.

3. Determine if the window is square by measuring the diagonal dimensions of the window. Measure from one upper corner diagonally to a lower corner, recording that measurement. Measure the opposite diagonal and record that measurement.

4. Subtract the two diagonal measurements. If the difference is more than a ¼-inch, the window is not square. Make an adjustment to the window width measurement taken in Step one.

To do this, lay a level across the top of the window. Drop a plumb line from the level to the sill at one corner within the opening of the window. Measure the distance between the plumb line and the vertical window jamb. Subtract the resulting measurement from the smallest measurement you took of the width of the window in Step 1. Degree at the top, Centre and backside of the window. Enter the measurements on the worksheet.2. Expansive the window slightly To gauge the vertical dimension.