Buy Antifreeze

You can't coerce a automobile without using antifreeze. It is a confident must for flaming or cold weather. Antifreeze will protect your automobile from weather-caused problems when temperatures are anywhere between -34 and 276 degrees Fahrenheit. The product we generally think of as antifreeze is mainly ethylene glycol. There is another type-propylene glycol-which has become known as long-lasting antifreeze. Ethylene glycol is the main ingredient in antifreeze. However, there is another product that gives long-lasting results. Propylene glycol offers more protection against corrosion for cars, trucks and larger construction vehicles. Extended-life coolant mixtures offer a protective layer for metal parts.

Antifreeze is available for purchase in any store or service station that sells car maintenance products.


1. Decide which type of antifreeze you need. These longer lasting products protect your vehicle for an average of 60,000 miles if changed regularly.

2. Know the formula. Mix antifreeze with an equal amount of water for the right strength to protect your car or truck. This formula is universal except in very severe cold weather, in which case you should use less water. Change the formula to 60 percent water and 40 percent antifreeze for extremely cold temperatures.

3. Look into recycling antifreeze. This idea is big in areas that use quite a bit of antifreeze due to the weather conditions such as Alaska. Contact a qualified recycling company to take in your used antifreeze. You can buy the recycled product from them after they clean it through specific processes (removing solvents and oils that have mixed with the antifreeze while being used in a car or truck). They resell it, thus helping to protect the environment. Contact your state's Department of Environmental Conservation office to find out whether this service is available in their community.