Alter The Push On The 2002 Dodge Pickup

Whether you retain brain to conceive the water pump on your 2002 Dodge pickup Motor lorry is defective, either through it leaks or the engine is overheating, you devoir to moderate it. The water pump is designed to impact douse enclosing the internal parts of the engine to control them running at an optimum temperature. Replacing the water pump quickly is critical for maintaining the activity of your engine, as an overheating engine can element catastrophic damage.


3. Allot the tensioner on the serpentine girth. The cummerbund weaves on all sides of the crankshaft pulley, the air conditioning unit, the power steering unit and the alternator. Comment how the cestuses is routed, much haul a picture provided itch be, so you Testament be cognizant lay it back. Manage the void plug using pliers or a wrench. Provided there is no plug, undo the lower radiator hose clip and pull the hose outside from the radiator. Grant all the coolant to bleed from the radiator.

2. Remove the radiator fan, the fan shroud and the wiring going to the fan. Pull the wiring plug away of the adapter.

1. Detach the refusal cable from the battery and push the cable aside. Bleed the coolant from the radiator. Slide a extract pan under the radiator. Loosen the tensioner and slide the belt off the pulleys.

4. Remove the hoses that go to the water pump. Loosen the jubilee clips with a screwdriver. Pull them off and put them aside.

5. Undo and remove the power steering pump unit. There are only four bolts and there is no need to remove the pipework, as this is just to supply access to the water pump. Remove the water pump and pull it out of the engine bay.

6. Scrape off the old gasket from the engine block. Fit new sealant to the new gasket and the new water pump. Make sure the engine block is dry. Fit the new water pump, torquing the bolts as recommended.

7. Refit the power steering pump unit, making sure the pipework is not twisted. Refit the serpentine belt with the correct routing and tighten the tensioner. Deflection of the belt should only be 1 to 2 mm.

8. Refit the radiator cooling fan, the shroud and the wiring. Close the drain plug on the radiator. Fill the radiator with the correct amount of water and coolant. Reconnect the negative cable to the battery.