Alter The Door Handle On The Ford Truck

Nickels the Door Knob on a Ford Motor lorry

Ford trucks are built Ford durable, or so the advertising Device goes. On the contrary, with the ever-increasing demands of fuel economy, the demand for plastic parts to moderate metal ones grows every year. One of the metal parts to commit fashion to a plastic replacement is the door hilt. Unfortunately, door handles undergo a portion of stress in their lifetimes and the ones fictional from plastic Testament eventually schism provided they are not treated with discomposure. In the fact yours needs to be replaced, angle to spend a infrequent hours doing the occupation.


1. Remove the fasteners from the door panel and then slide the trim pin Emigration stuff under the backside contour of the door panel and pull the trim pins gone of their sockets. There Testament be diverse trim pins, so generate undeniable they are all unseated before Stirring To pace two.

2.7. Reinstall the door panel by reversing the steps you took to remove it. Set the door panel aside when done.

3. Use the flashlight to locate the rear of the door handle inside the door.

4. Use the socket set to remove the fasteners holding the door handle in place. Once the handle is loose, slip the latch rod out of the eye in the door handle.

5. Pull the old handle out of the door and position the new one by reversing the removal of the old one. If this door handle is equipped with a lock cylinder, remove the cylinder from the old handle and place it in the new one.

6. Reattach the latch rod and fasteners.

Lift the door panel away from the door. Do not move it too far if the truck is equipped with power locks and windows. You will have a few inches between the panel and door to slip your hand in and disconnect the wiring harness going to the switches.