Align Car headlights

Most adjustment screws can be reached from the top of the headlight under the hood.

Working on cars can be an enjoyable pastime that not onliest relaxes you on the other hand accomplishes a assignment too. If your machine was hit in the front, you installed a advanced oppose tools, or your headlights annex blameless never lined up correct, aligning your van's headlights can be completed in a hardly any minutes of business.


1. Arena the motorcar facing a dun wall. This step works bad when it is nightfall or sunrise as the lights Testament demonstrate up improved on the wall and equip a more accurate view of how the lights currently line up. Turn the low beam headlights on.

Using the screwdriver, turn the screw clockwise to make the beam shine lower and turn it counterclockwise to make the beam point higher on the wall.4. Use the adjustment screws to line up the two headlights on low beams, and then turn on the car's high beams and check for alignment again. Use feedback from your helper to discern where and how much to move the beams.

3. Pop the hood and examine the top of the driver's side headlight. There should be a screw in the middle of the top of the headlight to adjust the windage of the headlight beam.2. Instruct your helper to sit in the car and see where the lights hit the wall currently. Whichever light is highest on the wall will be the light you line the other up with at first.