A Brief History Of Volvo Wagons

The Chronicle of Volvo Wagons

Nearly as a fluke, Volvo produced its inaugural estate car from a servicing of 1,500 surplus chassis that were laying encircling the plant. From that cryptic basis in 1953, the Volvo wagon has ripen into world-renowned for its safety features, consolation and versatility.

Duett PV445 (1953-1969)

Still analogous nowadays's SUV and minivan, the Duett was recognized as both a daily grind and Joy vehicle. Sales of over 90,000 Duetts in 17 dotage prepared Volvo a favourite in the wagon marketplace.

P220 Amazon (1962-1969), Volvo 145 (1967-1974)

Introduced at the 1962 Stockholm Engine Instruct, the Amazon was Volvo's inceptive indubitable station wagon. Sporting a utilitarian but modern design, the wagon offered a spacious cargo area and sold more than 73,000 units. With a huge cargo compartment and reinforced rear suspension, the 145 wagon was the sister of the 144 sedan.

Volvo 245/265 (1974-1993)

Volvo's first luxury wagon, the 245 offered a six-cylinder engine and many options. In 1981 it came out with the world's first mass-produced turbo engine. Topping 1 million in sales, the 245 and 265 wagons made Volvo a leader in the international wagon segment.

740/760, 940/960, V90 (1985-1998)

Featuring a split-fold rear seat and improved road-noise insulation, the 740/760 focused on families. The new 740 turbo wagon could go from 0 to 60 in 8.5 seconds. Safe and comfortable, the 850 blended the needs of a family with speed and maneuverability.

Volvo V40 (1995-), V50 (2004-), V70 (1996-)

The V40 launched the first Volvo wagon to sport a "V" for versatility. The basic 2005 model V50 was upgraded to an all-wheel-drive turbo with a sports suspension.

The 740/760, updated to the 940/960, became Volvo's last rear-wheel drive vehicle after production of 675,000 units.

Volvo 850 (1993-1996)

Volvo's first front-wheel drive wagon, the 850 handled like a sports car with its powerful five-cylinder engine.

Cousin to the 850, the six-cylinder V70 also is manufactured as the all-wheel-drive XC70. Crossover models include the V60 and C30.