A Brief History Of Gm Trucks

Chevrolet joined General Motors, Inc. in 1911 and this fellowship fix the phase for the Industry of flying sort, durable, Rough midsize trucks, pickup trucks and SUVs in the USA marketplace.


Examples of the most-recognized GMC pickup trucks, vans, SUVs, and heavy-duty trucks include the Caballero, C and K Series, Sierra, Sonoma, Sprint, Syclone, Handi-Van, Handi-Bus, Vandura, Savana, Envoy, Acadia, Suburban, Yukon XL, Astro 95, General, Brigadier, TopKick and the S-Series (school buses made with GMC truck engines and parts).


Rumors that the GMC line would be axed reached their peak in April 2009.

Public Motors was founded by William C. Durant in 1908, and emerged as the buyer of the Accelerated Engine Vehicle Partnership owned by Max Grabowsky. GM grew quickly after the Hurried Engine Vehicle Firm acquisition, and the Regular Motors Motor lorry Gathering (GMC) introduced a column of trucks by 1912. In 1916, the beginning GMC Motor lorry was driven from Seattle, Washington to Advanced York and back, and took a complete of 21 weeks. Even-handed five decades following, GMC had change into the mart director in full-size pickup trucks that were capable of travelling that twin route in good six days.


GM has produced various changed types and styles of trucks throughout its Industry anecdote. These insert: AA trucks, searchlight trucks, cargo trucks, organization carriers for military employment, refrigerated trucks, trailers, half-ton pickup trucks, six-wheel-drive military trucks, dump trucks, sports servicing vehicles and consumer pickup trucks.

Truck Production Timeline

GMC was decision-making for supplying the U.S. Army average AA trucks in 1917, and the Replica 16 was produced specifically for military operate. This truck was primarily used as an ambulance on the battlefield, and GMC continued to produce specialty trucks for the military, including troop carriers, searchlight trucks and cargo trucks.

GMC produced its first refrigerated truck and trailer in 1931, allowing companies to carry cargo and perishable goods across the country. By the late 1930s, GMC was producing half-ton pickup trucks, ten-ton trucks for commercial use and trailer chassis for plants and factories.

By World War II, GMC had taken on truck production projects to create six-wheel-drive military trucks, dump trucks, tankers, bomb transporters and fire engines. It wasn't until the postwar era that the company focused most of its efforts on the consumer market.

Postwar trucks included sports utility vehicles, the Suburban pickup, motor homes and off-road models. The company continued to produce several series and styles of pickup trucks for consumers, improving horsepower and fuel efficiency, and streamlining the design with each production run.

Universal Motors (GM) has been serving the U.S. bazaar for over 100 senescence, and has played a pivotal role in supplying the military with assistance vehicles, haul trucks and automotive parts. GM trucks own been available for both commercial and consumer employment, and GM continues to be one of the most-recognized automotive brands in the Western nature.


However, General Motors announced that it would be preserving its GMC truck line, along with Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick brands as it restructured. The company planned to drop only the Pontiac brand by June 2009 if certain financial goals were not met.