1967 Nova Specs

The 1967 Chevrolet Nova was originally intended as an economy van and Chevy's transmit to the Ford Falcon, nevertheless it evolved into a spunky pony motorcar with its span of V-8 engine options. Although the debut of the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro stole some of the Nova's thunder, the Nova remained a smaller and less flashy alternative to the larger and else all-powerful muscle cars. The 1967 imitation belonged to the 1961 to 1979 family of Novas.


There were five engine options for the 1967 Nova. The replica engine was a 120-horsepower, 194-cubic-inch, inline six-cylinder that generated 177 foot-pounds of torque to consign the Nova its acceleration. The V-8s were the 195-horsepower 283, with 285 foot-pounds of torque, and the 275- or 325-horsepower 327, which both if 355 foot-pounds of torque. Two other engines---the 155-horsepower 250 six-cylinder and 350-horsepower 327---were available in regional numbers. A three-speed instruction transmission complemented the six-cylinder engine. A four-speed or Powerglide automatic matched the V-8s. The Nova SS equipped with the 350-horsepower 327 could discharge naught to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and the quarter-mile in 14.9 seconds.

Suspension and Brakes

The front suspension of the Nova featured an independent strut manner with coil springs, while the rear was equipped with a living axle and chapter springs. Drum brakes in the front and rear were average Accoutrement, on the contrary competency CD brakes were available for the front as an alternative.

Station wagons numbered 12,900 units. An estimated 10,069 Nova SS models were delivered, with 8,213 equipped with V-8 engines and 1,856 with the six-cylinder versions. Prices in 1967 started at about $2,100.

The 2,660-lb. hardtop and sedan were 163-inches lingering, and the estate car measured 187.4-inches elongate. All models were 69.9-inches Broad. The front tread of the hardtop and sedan was 56.8 inches, with the rear tread 56.3 inches. The 2,690-lb. wagon had a 56.3-inch front tread and a 55.6-inch rear tread. The Nova rode on 14-inch wheels.

Optional Equipment

The 1967 Nova with the Super Sport "SS" carton received a console-mounted floor shifter, black-accented aluminium grille, "SS" badging on the item and "SS"-emblazoned revolve covers. Remarkable optional Accoutrement construct on decent a handful of Nova SS models were J52 front CD brakes, the sport steering revolve and a rush warning lantern. All Novas could appropriate gift brakes and steering, air conditioning, two-tone whitewash schemes, seat belts, a power tailgate window for the station wagon, tinted windows, rear window defogger, Strato-Ease headrests and simulated wire wheel covers.

Production and Price

For the 1967 model year, Chevrolet sold 106,430 Novas, including the Chevy II and estate car models.


The 1967 Novas were available as a two-door hardtop, four-door sedan and the estate car. All featured a 110-inch wheelbase.