Winterize A Vespa

A Vespa scooter is a bull investment and Correct maintainance Testament effect its longevity. Though you may be miserable to situate it gone for the winter, you'll be elated when scorching weather returns and your Vespa is in top dispute. Winterizing your scooter Testament constitute your front coerce of the spring absent on the conduct pathway and not to your dealership for repairs.


1. Protect your Vespa from the brumal and snow. Parking your scooter in a garage or shed is example on the contrary using a brawny scooter include Testament too cooperate protect it.

2.3. Add fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and run the motor for 10 minutes. This will keep gas from breaking down and damaging your fuel system.4. Remove the battery and bring it indoors.

Fill the Gauze cistern. This Testament prevent moisture from developing in your fuel system. If your gas cap has a ventilating hole in it, cover it with duct tape to keep oxygen out.

Cover it with a plastic bag and store it away from any open flames like your furnace or hot water heater. You may want to charge the battery every month or so while in storage to ensure it's ready to go when you are.

5. Create a center stand high enough to receive both wheels off the ground and stable enough to support the body of your Vespa. This will prevent flat spots and other damage from developing on your wheels. You can use a stack of wood or some other strong material to do this. You could also simply turn the wheels a couple of times throughout the winter so your scooter isn't resting on the same spot for months.