Use A Push Inside A Chevrolet Impala

The Chevy Impala has distinct configurations, shapes and sizes to navigate when replacing the hose pump. Start the Chevy Impala's engine and check for leaks before you shut the hood. Again, clean up any spilled coolant immediately.

Take Out the Old Pump

1. Disconnect the cynical battery cable by unscrewing the coupling on the cable to the battery with a screwdriver. Pull the cable gone from the battery.

2. Engage the parking brake, distance cinder blocks remain the back wheels and then jack up your Chevy Impala. Practice the jack stands to ease base the jack.

3. Discharge the impact in the radiator by unscrewing the cap. Remove the bleed plug located underneath the radiator. Grip the coolant in a resealable container. Disinfected up any spills.

4. Employment the adjustable wrench to undo the bolts securing the Chevy Impala's frill handle cummerbund guard. Loosen the bolts on the water pump pulley to receive to and remove the frill propel cummerbund.

5. Remove the drool pump pulley and undo the four bolts securing the drool pump to the engine. Disinfected off the mount after removing the pump, using a shop rag. Study the environment for cracks.

Put on the New Pump

6. Squeeze a bead of elevated temperature automotive sealant on the different soak pump and area the dissimilar gasket on the pump. Smear some of the sealant around the mounting area on the engine block. Carefully hold the gasket in place on the pump as you mount it on the engine, where you removed the old pump.

7. Place the new bolts into the holes in the Chevy Impala's water pump in any order, using a torque wrench while the sealant is still wet to obtain a better hold. Tighten to 89 foot pounds of torque.

8. Replace remainder of the parts in the order you took them off. When installing the pulley bolts, use a torque wrench and 18 foot pounds of torque on each bolt. Inspect the accessory drive belt and replace it, if needed.

9. Attach the negative battery cable to the post and tighten the screw on the clamp. Replace the drain plug and refill the radiator with the amount and type of coolant specified in your owner's manual.

10. Move the jack stands, release the jack and remove cinder blocks. It's big that you study your engine's parts before blastoff this repair. Equitable extract that the douse pump in every Impala is mounted in some fashion on the front of the cylinder block. To receive to it, you must disconnect distinct pieces, that vary depending on the engine dimensions.