Upgrade A Dodge Lifetime Warranty

Dodge engines are covered in the resident growth warranty.

Call Dodge at (800) 4ADODGE if the dealership is having trouble answering your questions or if you want to make sure you have the most updated information. You can extend a imperfect warranty former that location or buy fresh warranties by buying them separately concluded a Dodge dealer. A comprehensive warranty guarantees if parts of your vehicle are naturally defective or have certain types of damage, you'll be able to get them repaired or replaced for free.


1. Read through your original warranty to double check what is covered, and decide which additional parts you'd like to cover. The limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty covers the engine, transmission, and drive systems, and it is nontransferable. Other things you might want to have covered are damage to the seats, the heating and air conditioning, and any other built-in electronics. Ask the dealer about buying either a lifetime or limited warranty for these items.

2. Call a local licensed Dodge dealer if you were not the original purchaser of the Dodge. Some portions of the warranty might have been transferred, and you'll have to buy additional coverage for anything that wasn't. If you have the contact information of the seller, contact him for the warranty documentation if you don't have it. The manager or owner of the dealership might have the most accurate information.

3. Call or visit the dealer who sold you the Dodge if you're the original purchaser of the vehicle. Take your documentation from the original warranty -- make a copy if you want to highlight or make notes on it.

4. Ask the dealer about the pricing for all the parts of the car you want a warranty for. Balance the up front and ongoing (if any) cost of the warranty against the cost of replacing or repairing costs yourself.

5.Dodge has a local lifetime warranty on particular machine parts for many of its models bought after The middle of summer 26, 2007. As of 2010, this is the longest warranty on the bazaar. It lone lasts while much owned by the introductory purchaser.