Tune An Alfa Spider

Alfa Romeo is an Italian manufacturer that is recognized in goodly chunk on U.S. shores for a far-reaching contour of fun-to-drive, stylish Spiders. And though Alfas are no longer sold in North America, their convertibles are yet as common as ever. Alfa Romeo Spiders are as well big candidates for tuning and modifying. A surprising aligned of performance can be gained with the fitting parts.


1. Upgrade the Engine. Alfas are terrific handling cars in inventory appearance, so one of the elementary matters that many owners cause is tweak the 2.0-liter Engine that the models from 1972 and succeeding were equipped with or the 1750cc Engine in the 1970 and 1971 Spiders. A allot of headers and a free-flow exhaust are a admirable foundation. Provided you admit one of the earlier Spiders with SPICA mechanical fuel injection, this can be rebuilt for and horsepower. You can besides alternate the fuel injection course with a team of Weber carburetors, which bid deeper aptitude and are not as finicky as the SPICA injection. Provided you demand to push all absent, the Engine can be rebuilt with higher compression pistons, a high-performance camshaft, high-reaching performance valve springs and other internal components.

2. Amend the handling. Alfa Spiders exercise mere blooming in inventory design, on the other hand also take well to choose modifications to the chassis and suspension. A set of Koni shocks and lowering springs are a good first step. These will reduce body roll and lower the Alfa's center of gravity, plus the car will look better. Larger anti-roll bars are also available, which will eliminate body roll. At the front, install a pair of adjustable upper control arms so that you can dial in more negative camber, which will increase grip. There is also a chassis brace available that can be welded into the Spider that reduces the flex that the chassis experiences and in turn will make the car feel more stable.

3. Increase the stopping ability with a set of cross-drilled rotors and high performance brake pads. Rota makes a replica of the Panasport that is cheaper than the real deal. Wrap the wheels with a set of high performance tires to round out the handling upgrade.5. Upgrade the interior.

In order to increase the feel of the brake pedal, install braided steel brake lines. These will eliminate the soft feel that rubber brake lines have.4. Replace the wheels with Panasport alloys which are probably the best wheel design for the Spider, with a classic appearance and low weight.

Like its stylish exterior, the Alfa Spider's interior is hard to improve upon. A MOMO steering wheel, an alloy or wood shiftknob and drilled pedals are about all that is needed. A finishing touch could be a set of plush floormats with the Alfa logo on them.