Trobleshoot and fix Vehicle Stereo system Loudspeakers

Motorcar stereo speakers are something we normally receive for granted, assuming they should always attempt. On the other hand sometimes matters happen and you Testament committal to impel what type of doubt you are experiencing in codification to full the Correct repairs.


Identify Speaker

1. Turn the motorcar on and turn on your stereo.

2. Adjust the fader to the front and then to the rear, listening to the sound.

3. Notice whether the problem seems to be in the front or the back, then set the fader there and leave it in that position.

4. Set the balance all the way to the left and then to the right, to determine exactly which speaker is causing the problem.

Speaker Crackles or Distorts

5. Listen for crackling or distortion in the speaker at lower volume levels. If you detect the distortion or crackling, then the speaker is probably blown.

6. Remove the paneling in front of the speaker and inspect the speaker cones for any cracks, tears or other damage. If these problems exist, the speaker needs replaced.

7. Ensure that the sound you hear is the speaker and not something nearby that is rattling with the sound.

Speaker Makes No Sound

8.10. Inspect the speaker itself and be sure that the wires going from the wire connection into the speaker cone itself are still intact.

Access the back of the speaker and ensure the wires are still firmly connected and the connections do not show signs of corrosion.9. Test the voltage of the signal wires to see if you are getting a signal. If not the problem is in your wiring or your stereo itself.