Trobleshoot and fix A Toyota Previa Alternator

The battery on your Toyota Previa is the force source for a numeral of components in your vehicle. Everything from the Glimmer plugs to the radio depend on the fixed assistance of voltage and amperes from your battery. A malfunctioning alternator Testament not utility the battery with replenishing coercion from the rotation of the Engine, causing the battery to quickly remove. Troubleshoot your Toyota Previa's alternator to avoid activity stranded on the side of the means.


1. Connect the great cable from the voltmeter to the concrete terminal of your Previa's battery. Connect the denial cable from the voltmeter to the ground on the vehicle's alternator. Stare at the handle region around the alternator's pulley. If the belt is excessively loose, it may not turn the pulley on the alternator properly, resulting in diminished performance. Tighten the belt, if needed.

Provided the voltmeter gives a reading of 0.2 volt or lower, your alternator is most credible performing within plant standards. A reading of higher than 0.2 volt suggests that your alternator is creating meaningful resistence in your electrical method, which points to a malfunctioning alternator.2.

3. Pull the electrical plug from the back of the alternator out and check for debris that may inhibit a proper connection. Insert the plug back into the alternator.

4. Wiggle the grounding connection on the alternator. If the connection is loose, tighten the bolt connection of the ground.