Trobleshoot and fix A Starter For Any Ford F150

Troubleshoot a Starter for a Ford F-150

If the voltmeter reads 12 volts, the ignition switch is sending power to your starter.4. Locate the two large connector posts on the back of the solenoid.

1. Probation the contacts on the battery terminal for corrosion. Disinfected any corrosion off of the battery contacts with a brush and a compound of baptize and baking soda. Adoption gloves when doing this seeing battery acid can busted up your skin.

2. Situate a voltmeter, or a battery charger with a charge indicator, on the battery. Whether the battery reads 12 volts or augmented, proceed To pace 3. Provided not, charge the battery until it reads 12 volts. Whether the F-150 all the more does not dawning, shift on to the after system.

3. Disconnect the starter wire from the back of the starter. If your car is fuel injected, remove the larger of the two wires connected to the starter. Place a voltmeter onto the wire and have a second person turn the ignition key.The starter in the Ford F-150 receives an electrical vocable from the ignition switch and Thereupon starts the engine. Provided the engine turns over model slowly, or you ethical hear a clicking sound, you should troubleshoot the starter to fix upon provided it or some other allotment of the electrical course is the topic. Troubleshooting the starter lets you button down and allot the hitch quickly.


Place a screwdriver across both posts to create a direct connection between the battery and starter. This eliminates the need for the starter solenoid. The starter should turn on but not crank the engine. If the starter does not turn on, the starter is defective. If the starter does turn on, the starter is not the issue. Make sure the F-150 is in neutral and the parking break is set when you do this step.