Trobleshoot and fix A Grady Whitened Boat Tachometer

A tachometer is a cardinal part for a voguish boat.

The Grady White boat tachometer is effectively a rev counter, produced by Grady Bleached, allowing you To gauge the rotation rush of the engine in your boat; a key measurement during operation. Problems which can occur with this unit range from loose wiring, frayed electronics or incorrectly configured switches. An awareness of these potential issues, combined with an ability to spot the problems and have them rectified, should ensure your tachometer is back in working order reasonably quickly.

This can often be the problem when you are suffering from sporadic losses of power.3. Visually examine the backside of the tachometer.

To do this you should start the engine, power to a known speed in neutral and compare that speed with the reading you are getting from the tachometer.

2. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the tachometer from the dashboard in order to examine the wires which connect to it. Confirm that each wire is connected to the right boat harness wire via wire connectors and make sure the wires are not frayed or loose.


1. Test whether the tachometer can successfully receive a signal if you are having problems with its operation.

Check that the back of the tachometer has a switch set to 12, which is standard on all 12-volt tachometers; this matches the boat's 12-pole system.

4. Replace the tachometer once you have ensured the connections are secure, or have any faults you find replaced. Restart the engine of your boat in order to test whether it is now working.