Trobleshoot and fix The Environment Conditioning Inside A Jeep Grand Cherokee

Air conditioning problems can unfortunately be actually familiar in vehicles, both contemporary and exhausted. The correct fuse is the red number five.3. Disconnect the air bag system first before gaining access to the control panel. Do this by disconnecting the black negative battery cable and waiting at least two minutes.

1. Commence the engine and adjust the climate controls. Whether they seem to employment pleasant on the contrary chalk up denouement on the air then the dilemma is probably a incomplex blown fuse. Provided the controls act not grindstone exactly then the complication is probably with the administration panel. Whether you cannot hear the sound that accompanies turning the air from low to alpine, then the count is credible with the blower motor.

2. Replace a blown fuse easily. There are three fuse boxes in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and the one that powers the air conditioning is found under the instrument panel to the left side and slightly below the steering column. Recurrently the problems can be child's play to diagnose and evident to locate. Save yourself still date and bread avoiding costly trips to the dealer or a mechanic by learning to troubleshoot air conditioning problems in your Jeep Grand Cherokee.


4. Remove the center section of the instrument panel on the dashboard that surrounds the air conditioning and heating controls. Unscrew the four screws that hold the climate control assembly into place. Pull the controls out.

5. Get to the blower motor in a Grand Cherokee by first disabling the airbags. Unscrew the glove box and remove it. Unscrew and remove the blower motor wire harness found directly behind the blower motor. Unscrew three screws holding the blower motor into place and then remove the motor.