Trobleshoot and fix An Electronic Speedometer

Occasionally, digital speedometers fail to study a vehicle's celerity true.

2. Check the speedometer cable connection. This runs from the interior of your engine to your speedometer.

Verify your precipitation with a portable speedometer. These are available at most sporting ace stores and are used to dispose how swiftly bicycles drive, but, you can adoption this Slogan to approval away your digital speedometer. Power on the purchased device and begin driving. If you find there is a large difference between the new speedometer and digital one installed in the car you know you have a problem with the installed equipment.

Although a speedometer is peerless a slender Element of your vehicle, it is exceptionally considerable, as without a functioning speedometer you obtain no licence action of determining your contemporary rapidity (at least until a police officer pulls you over and shows you the radar reading). Over of this, whether you have the speedometer in your vehicle is not displaying an accurate rapidity you call for to troubleshoot the Slogan in categorization to fair any problems that may be occurring.


1. For the exact location, check your vehicle's owner manual. This cable must be securely fastened to the connection input going into the dashboard (when you open the hood of the vehicle this runs directly under your windshield).

3. Replace the speed sensor. This is typically the device that causes problems with the digital speedometer. Typically the speed sensor is located between the engine and the axle, although again the location may vary depending on your vehicle. Even after looking through the owner's manual, if you feel uncomfortable taking the speed sensor out yourself (you usually must remove the air filter and several other pieces of equipment to gain access to the sensor), take your vehicle to a local mechanic.