Trobleshoot and fix The Electrical System Inside A Honda Prelude

The Honda Prelude is a sporty Honda that offers all the economy and reliability typically fashion in Hondas. The amps required to faculty decent the routine electrical items add up. Most general public own extra items hooked up, if it's a cell ring or an iPod. It makes solution to receive to comprehend your motorcar's electrical method before problems mature.


1. Educe that your Honda's battery powers remainder of your electrical system. If you start experiencing electrical component problems, check the eye of your battery to see if it's fully charged. Clean connections of any corrosion you find. You can also test the battery with a digital volt ohm meter (DVOM). If your battery checks out, but multiple electrical systems are on the blink, look at the alternator, which will affect your battery.

2. Install a defogger switch/timer to shut off your rear window defogger if you're experiencing start up problems. Many Honda Preludes from 1986 to 1989 with a Bosch alternator have a problem with a low battery charge due to defoggers left on that contribute to heat under the hood and damage the alternator.

3. Consider a problem with the oxygen sensor or the throttle positioning sensor (TPS) if you notice problems with your Honda chugging or surging with acceleration.6. Check for codes when you experience electrical problems with the RPM or speedometer gauges.

Plug wires may be torn and need replacing. Another problem could be that you have a clogged injector. Try replacing the air filter and flushing the air intake in your cold engine with a carburetor cleaner (the high-performance kind).

5. Look to a problem with the inhibiter switch if it takes multiple tries to get your Prelude started, particularly if your dash lights come on but the engine doesn't.4. Diagnose the problem of the PGM-Fl coming on.

Someone at the dealer or an auto parts start can hook your car's computer up to get the codes that tell you where the problem lies.

7. See if you need a new vehicle speed sensor if the Prelude is dragging with acceleration or smoking when idling. This is a common problem for Hondas and sometimes includes faulty speedometers.