Trobleshoot and fix Dashboard Warning Lights

A burgundy flare on the dashboard can tight-fisted you should aim driving hold up outside, or you may carry a minor day before you acquire to bring your vehivle into the shop. Be learned what's what so you don't pay for stuck.


1. Brake Lucent. Build definite you are not driving with ability brake on. Analysis brake-fluid exact. Top off brake fluid whether low and make appointment to research brakes. OK to drive. If problem is serious, computer may switch to limp-home (low-power) mode and you won't have option of waiting to bring car into shop.5. Air Bag Light.

Indicates either low brake-fluid level, stuck brake caliper or defective ABS. Trial brake fluid and cause appointment to receive brakes checked. Ring tow Motor lorry or manage carefully and slowly to shop.

3. Oil Light. Either engine is very low on oil or there is no oil pressure. Pull over and turn off engine immediately. Check oil level and add oil if low. Turn engine back on to see if light has gone off. If oil light is still on, bad oil pump (no oil pressure) is likely. Call tow truck.

4. Check Engine Light. Car's computer senses engine problem. Difference in performance may not be noticeable, but make appointment To possess car diagnosed. This usually cost around $65-$75 to do. Driving with brake flare can be damaging; deal with this soon. Ring tow Motor lorry or ride carefully and slowly to shop.2. ABS (antilock brake transaction) Luminous.

Get air bags checked. Problem could prevent them from activating in accident. OK to drive, but not safe in accident.

6. Battery Charge Light. Alternator is not charging. OK to drive, but turn off any unneeded electrical devices (radio, heater, defroster) and avoid starting engine more than necessary. Bring car into shop soon to avoid getting stranded. When alternator is not charging, battery loses charge and car stops working.

7. Emissions Lights (O2 sensor, EGR, check emissions). Depending on car model, these lights may indicate problem with emissions sensor or may light up at certain mileage, usually 60,000 miles (100,000 km). Get sensors checked. OK to drive. If problem exists, car might get poor gas mileage.