Trim A Harley Car windows

Whether the windscreen on your Harley Davidson is as well aerial or you don't envision the style goes with the glom of your chopper, you can trim it down or into another shape without compromising the Stop. You can compass this done professionally or you can jab to cause it yourself.


1. Dispose how yet you devoir to chop off by masking division of the windscreen and seeing how you can aware with it. At head you may be conservative with your masking, nevertheless you can lower the masking until you bargain a heighth you can comfortably distinguish over when settled in the seat.

2. Remove the windscreen from your Harley.

6. Cover the front of the windshield with cardboard or plastic to protect it from scratching.7. Use a sabre saw to trim along the cut line on the windshield.

About 2 inches on either side will suffice.

5. Trace a cut line on the masking tape using the cardboard cutout as a template.

3. Hint the Ending outline of your masking tape onto cardboard and divide it elsewhere.4. Community masking tape on the away of the windshield around where you will cut.

You should cut from the front with the outside of the windshield up.

8. Stand the shield upright and sand the rough edge with 80 grit sandpaper.

9. Go over the sanded edge with a 220 grit sandpaper for a smoother finish.

10. Wrap a cotton rag around you finger and dip it in methyl ethyl ketone (M.E.K.) a universal solvent available Homewards improvement stores. You want the cotton to be moist but not dripping.

11. Wipe the edge in one motion with your moistened finger. This melts the plastic windshield edge and creates a smooth factory finish.

12. Replace the freshly trimmed windshield on your Harley.