Take Away The Dash On The 1994 Toyota Pickup

Remove the dashboard from your pickup.

You may itch to remove the sprint on your 1994 Toyota pickup in disposal to access the electronic components at the end it. Or, feasibly the sprint has be remodelled cracked or faded and you inclination to alternate it. Whatever the goal, it is a quite straightforward undertaking that individual requires a hardly any tools obtained from an Car parts store and approximately an lifetime of your allotment. Seeing the sprint is so bulky, whether you can excite a amigo to advice you pull it absent of the vehicle, you may be able to prevent damage to the pickup's interior.


1. Pop up the hood and remove the contradiction battery cable with a wrench.


2. Conduct the fuse panel insert on the Chauffeur's side sprint and fix the airbag fuses on the diagram located on the inside panel door. Remove the fuse puller from inside the panel and benefit it to remove the SRS fuses. Wait approximately 30 minutes.

3.4. Remove the bolt from below the right side of the glove box using a socket wrench. Remove the screw from under the left side of the glove box. Open up the glove box and remove the screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Establish a bolt on the backside left corner of the Chauffeur's side knee bolster and remove it with a socket wrench. Good buy two screws on either side of the steering wrinkle and remove it with a Phillips screwdriver. Find the screw on the bottom right corner of the driver's side knee bolster and remove it with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull off the knee bolster and unplug the wiring behind it and slide it out the driver's door. Pull out the glove box and unplug any wiring behind it.

5. Locate the bezel in the center of the dashboard. Remove the screw from the bezel with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull off the A/C knobs. Pull the cup holder out and remove the lighter.

6. Wedge the trim removal tool under the center bezel and pry up on the bezel and pull it forward. Reach behind it and unplug all wiring. Pull the center dash up and out the passenger's side door.