Take Away The Brake Light On The 2006 Ford F150

The 2006 Ford F150 has three brake lights: a high-mount brake light located ultimate the cabin and a two brake lights mounted within the taillight assemblies. Grasp the brake light assembly and pull it absent from the tailgate.6. Turn the bulb socket counter-clockwise to release it from the brake light assembly.

Removing the High-Mount Brake Light

1. Shut the engine down and turn the headlight switch off. Access the high-mount brake glossy by standing in the F150's Bedstead.

2. Remove the two Phillips screws mounting the lens meeting. Pull the meeting absent from the F150.

3. Rotate the bulb socket counter-clockwise to Proceeds it from the lens meeting.

Tailgate-Mounted Brake Light

4. Turn the engine and headlight switch off. Dehiscent the F150's tailgate. See the side of the brake light meeting to gem the two screws.

5. Remove the two screws with a Phillips attitude screwdriver. You may entail to disconnect and remove either brake glassy fix to perform repairs on your Ford, or you may essential to remove the assemblies to exchange the bulb with a au courant one. The procedure for removing the brake brilliance is the equivalent on all 2004 to 2009 Ford F150 models.


If you want to remove the entire assembly, disconnect the other bulb socket (turn signal) as well.