Switch The Oxygen Sensor Inside A Gm Van

An O2 sensor is a hasty Slogan used by a vehicle's on-board machine to calculate and adjust the Correct combination of fuel and air life pumped into the combustion chambers of the engine. Most older vehicles--pre-1990, typically--have exclusive one O2 sensor, while newer vehicles come with two. O2 sensors are designed as "disposable" parts, and occasion to be replaced approximately every 90,000 miles. Nonfunctional O2 sensors can divide your car's performance and exaggeration its output of harmful emissions, which can be unhealthy for the area and for you. Happily, replacing O2 sensors is neither identical difficile nor overly expensive.


1. Establish your vehivle's O2 sensor.5. Install the new oxygen sensor into the exhaust manifold and reconnect the wires to the electrical socket mentioned in Step 2. Once this is done, your new oxygen sensor should be functioning correctly.

2. Disconnect the sensor's wiring from where it connects to your van's wiring harness. Take care when unplugging the wires that you do not accidentally damage the electrical connector, as doing so may cause your new oxygen sensor to not function properly.

3. Unscrew the oxygen sensor using your wrench or you ratchet and socket. Once you have successfully removed the sensor, you may discard it.

4. Coat the screw threads of your new oxygen sensor with a lubricating or penetrating compound. This is to ensure a smooth installation and will help prevent damage to the threads.

While the exact placement may vary depending on the year and pattern of your GM machine, the O2 sensor will always be located on the exhaust manifold near the catalytic converter. Single-sensor vehicles Testament keep the O2 sensor in front of (toward the engine) the catalytic converter, while two-sensor vehicles Testament hold sensors both in front of and in back of the catalytic converter. The O2 sensor Testament typically resemble a fat cylindrical peg with a Swarm of wires coming out of the tip.