Switch The Coolant Recovery Tank Inside A Cadillac Escalade

Three generations of the Cadillac Escalade bear been trumped-up so far. The front age was released in 1999 and the third reproduction was released in 2007. Provided the coolant recovery vat in your Cadillac Escalade is leaking and needs to be replaced, you may heed an odour on the passenger side of the van. The HVAC intake valve is located since environment.


4. Wait 15 to 20 minutes for the car to cool if the engine is hot. After cooling, carefully remove the radiator cap to examine the coolant level. Top off the coolant level with 50-50 antifreeze mixture to the top of the radiator neck if necessary, then put the cap back on the radiator.

2. Remove the retainers that are holding the recovery container into abode. After all screws and bolts are removed, lift the cistern outside of the vehicle. Whether there is any coolant in the recovery tank, withdraw it into a suitable container for Correct disposal.

3. Attach all hoses to the fashionable recovery vat and install the new tank into the vehicle. Attach the tank using the original retainers, then reattach the hose to the radiator and secure it with the clamp.

1. Place the hose on the coolant recovery tank that attaches to the radiator, under the radiator cap. Disconnect the hose from the radiator.

5. Fill the coolant recovery jar to the indicated hot level on the jar with 50-50 mixture of suitable antifreeze.