Specifications For Any 1982 Honda Atc 185

Specifications for a 1982 Honda ATC 185

Introduced in 1980, the Honda ATC185 three-wheeled, all-terrain vehicle was a big upgrade from the ATVs of the 1970's that were powered by smaller engines. The assistance off-road vehicle is related to the XL and XR series of Honda dirt bikes.


The 1982 Honda ATC185 three-wheeler features a vertically upswept-style, air-cooled, four-stroke, 180.2 cc engine. Its wheelbase is 45.7 inches and it has 4.9 inches of ground clearance with a dry weight of 302 lbs.


The ATC185 has a abundant steel-tube frame and a five-speed transmission with a semi-automatic clutch. The chain-driven ATV has a recoil-type pull-starter. It has a pedal-operated rear expanding-drum brake with a lever-and-cable drum brake on the front. It rides on fat, balloon-style, semi-knobby tires and can be outfitted with front and back load racks.


The Honda ATC185 is 71.7 inches expanded, 42.5 inches Broad and has a 25.6-inch seat heighth. It uses a 22 mm piston-valve Keihin carburettor. Its Muzzle and stroke is 63 mm by 57.8 mm with a compression ratio of 8:1. It has 142 to 170 psi of cylinder compression and uses a capacitor discharge ignition action.