Set A Mig Wire Speed

Exorbitant spatter indicates improper wire hurry.

Two settings on a metal inert Gauze (MIG) welder conclude the merit and sincerity of a weld. The voltage setting determines the heat transfered from the welding wire to the occupation plenty. Wire speed determines the penetration and consistency of the weld bead. Setting the wire hurry right by sound ensures the weld Testament not fail when you application stress to the joined pieces. Licence place wire rapidity Testament gain a fixed buzzing sound much referred to as sounding passion "sizzling bacon."


1. Decrease the wire speed if the wire contacts the scrap metal and pushes the gun slightly before arcing.5. Run a weld with the settings adjusted for the proper sound. Examine the weld.

Movement the metal gauge until a slot fits snug in the edge of the metal. A snug fit signifies you have determined the metal thickness.

3. Turn on the MIG welder. Adjust the voltage and wire speed setting to the recommended settings printed on the reference label affixed to the welder.

4. Put on a welding hood. Lower the welding hood and pull the trigger of the MIG gun to begin welding. Listen to the sound produced by the welding arc. Increase the wire speed by turning the speed dial clockwise if the arc is not a steady "sizzling bacon" sound. Establish the quantity of scrap metal on a noncombustible surface. Connect the ground cable from a MIG welder to the scrap metal or the business surface provided it is metal.2. Slide a slot of a metal thickness gauge over one boundary of the metal.

Make minor adjustments with the wire speed knob until you have a consistent weld.