Replace A Vehicle Antenna

The automobile stereo antenna is not the sturdiest tool of your motorcar by any funds, In spite of how big-league it is to the advantage of your radio. Disconnect the signal and power wires from your old antenna, and remove the antenna from the car.4. Place the new antenna where the old one was, and reconnect the power and signal wires.5.


1. Manipulate your owner's publication to boost access to the backside of your antenna, inside the car.

2. Loosen and remove the two nuts holding the antenna in place using an adjustable wrench and your fingers. One nut should be outside your car, and the other on the inside where the antenna meets the inner side of the car body.

3. The antenna can easily be snapped off in a van wash or by a vandal. A ability antenna may extremely simply fail to donkeywork after prolonged employment. Motorcar antennas, though, are easily replaced with a petty trail.

Replace the two nuts that hold the antenna in place.

6. Close up any inner body paneling you removed to access the antenna.