Replace Fixed Caliper Brake Pads

You can moderate the brake pads on a constant caliper braking manner in a relatively short bigness of generation in the consolation of your own garage provided you admit the know-how. Secure the vehicle on a place of jack stands and unhook the battery terminals. Remove the wheels of the hubs of the calipers and fix everything you removed aside where it Testament not be damaged or pay for irrecoverable.2. Remove the caps on the brake fluids.

This'll save you duration, bill and the annoy of enchanting your motorcar in to a competent mechanic or dealer overhaul branch.



Look the brake assembly and housing to make sure there is no damage or excessive corrosion. Push the piston back to supply room for the new pads. Depending on your vehicle you may need to use a C-clamp to depress the piston back into the bore.

3. Use a screwdriver to pry the caliper forward. When this is done the fluid will rise in the master cylinder. Wash off the brake dust and remove the caliper by removing the mounting bolts. When removing the caliper, check for fluid leakage and rectify any situations there may be.

4. Snap the brake pad off by depressing the retaining clips and removing it. Discard the old pad and snap the new brake pad into place. Make sure the caliper mounting bolts are up to specifications before re-installing. Re-install the caliper and move to the new wheel.