Repair A Car windows Leak

Windscreen drool leaks should be quickly repaired.

For a cipher of senility the matchless great course of action to repair a windscreen dilute leak was faultless Emigration and reinstallation of the glass. The involvement was possible rust augmentation approximately the windscreen frame, particularly in that the front and rear glass are structural components of the roof and add rigidity to an otherwise flaccid world. It was succeeding discovered that water leaks are the arrangement of a impecunious bond between the glass and the urethane, not the urethane to the frame. Consequently, in the early '90s Popular Motors issued a Mechanical Assistance Buletin recommending that water leaks be repaired from inside the car.


1. Sit inside the car and carefully fold the front headliner back in the general area where the water leak is located. Have an assistant slowly pour water over the windshield.

2. Do not apply excessive amounts of sealer.4. Test the repair after allowing the sealer to dry for two hours.

Apply a small amount of silicone sealer to the exact point where the water is leaking. Use only enough to cover the area. Press the silicone into the hole with a wiping motion. Wipe several times across the area and apply another small amount of sealer. Shine a flashlight onto the area where water starts to drip. Catch the water drips with a shop towel and continue to watch until the water stops. Thoroughly dry the area.3.

Use a flashlight to verify that the leak has been fixed by having an assistant pour water over the windshield.