Remove A Transmission Seal

Removing the transmission fluid seal is a manageable work that can be done in a couple hours.

Provided you sign that your vehicle is slowly leaking transmission fluid, the possible cause is that the transmission fluid seal needs to be removed and replaced. To change the oil seal, the transmission flange is removed and the pieces of this flange are separated individually and then cleaned. The oil seal is a petite, Hand-bill effects of the flange which typically measures 45mm x 65mm x 10mm. It exclusive costs a unusual dollars to get a replacement seal at an Car parts shop. Replacing the doddering seal with a inexperienced one should peerless select a couple of hours.


1. This is used to reinforcement in sliding the plug elsewhere of the flange by using a twosome of screwdrivers to pry against the side of the flange.4. Remove the stretch bolt once the plug has been removed.5. The flange is secured by stretch bolts and can be removed by a torque wrench.

2. Disinfected the flange you ethical removed by using a usual cleaning solvent and a dry cloth.

3. Yield gone the inner snap phone located on the inside of the removed flange. When the snap call is removed, fix the aluminium plug which covers the stretch bolt on the flange. You Testament care a "cap" type article on the aluminium plug. Indication where the fluid is leaking from. Remove the half-shaft flange of the transmission from the differential where the leak is located. Exclusive one head needs to be removed.

Separate the remaining pieces of the flange. Remove the O-ring and the snap ring from the aluminum plug, then remove the oil seal from the largest portion of the main flange unit.

6. Clean all of the remaining parts of the flange with cleaning solvent and a dry cloth. These parts are the O-ring, snap ring, aluminum plug, stretch bolt, stretch bolt washer and oil seal. The flange unit itself was already cleaned in Step 2, but wipe it clean again if you so need to.

7. Check that the newly cleaned flange parts, including the O-ring, snap ring, aluminum plug and new oil seal are free of moisture and ready for re-assembly on the transmission.