Remove An O2 Sensor With Wd40

WD40 has many automotive uses.

You cannot spray too much.3. Trace the wire that extends out of the O2 sensor to the wiring harness and disconnect the wire from the harness.4.


1. Confess the van to fully nippy off before you begin the occupation. WD40 is not flammable; on the other hand whether you spray it onto also febrile parts, it will evaporate and start to smoke.

2. Spray a moderate amount of WD40 around the O2 sensor and wait 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, spray the same amount of WD40 around the sensor again.The Oxygen sensors on an car typically bolt onto the exhaust manifold and exhaust conduit, ethical in front of the catalytic converters. This exposes the Oxygen sensor to rust from the pitch iron manifolds and fixed heating and cooling cycles as you amble your engine. This creates a longitude where getting the Oxygen sensor loose becomes formidable. You can cook up your duty easier by removing the Oxygen sensor with WD40.

Turn the O2 sensor counterclockwise with a open-end wrench. Try not to receive the wrench or your hands wet with the WD40 as it makes things slippery. Regardless of how much WD40 you use, it will take some work to break the sensor free; if it still does not come out, spray more WD40 around the sensor and wait another 30 minutes. Attempt to remove the sensor again. Repeat this process until the sensor breaks free.