Remove Jhook Wiper Rotor blades

Remove J-Hook Wiper Blades

The mechanism for removing wiper blades from a vehicle depends on the type of wiper arms they are connected to. A wiper arm serves as a connexion between the blade and the Engine that powers the blade's movement across a windscreen. There are a fluctuation of connexion types, and blades with hooked or "J" wiper connectors are prevalent, sold both at accepted merchandise store machine sections and Car parts retailers. Honest as you probably surmised, the point of a J-hook wiper arm has a hook shaped enjoy the packages "J." The wiper blade's centre connexion fits and locks into this hook. Learning and preforming the blade Emigration channels for a J-hook type of wiper blade is also accessible to effect.

Place a dry sponge on the windshield, and rest wiper arm's bare tip onto it. This is a precaution against scratching your windshield.6.

2. Jewel the safety mechanism at the centre of the wiper blade. Depending on the Trade-mark of wiper blade, you are looking for either a little lever or a clasp. This mechanism is culpable for ensuring that the blade remains securely on the wiper arm.

3. Undo the safety mechanism. This "unlocks" the blade.

4. Hold the wiper arm with one hand; with the other, pull the blade out of the hook.



1. Lift the driver-side wiper arm off the windscreen and let it rest in a vertical position.

Repeat this removal process on the passenger-side wiper blade.