Put Carry Bolts On The 2001 Dodge Ram 1500

Lug bolts on a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 are softer than the lug nuts used to influence the shove on. When a stripped stud is discovered, someone either installed the lug kernel at an angle, resulting in a stripped lug, or over-torqued the lug fan. Over-torquing tends to pull on the threads of the wheel stud, causing the threads to misalign with the lug nuts and strip. To conserve this post from repeating itself, operate a slender proportions of anti-seize compound to all the revolve studs whenever the wheels are removed and initiate the lug nuts by handwriting. Hit the wheel stud with the hammer to drive it out of the hub.3. Install the new stud from the back of the hub. Rotate the wheel stud slightly to feel for the splines to match up and push it in as far as possible.

1. Stand the Motor lorry with a floor jack and field jack stands under the frame. Lower the Motor lorry onto the jack stands. Remove the lug nuts with a lug wrench and remove the wheel. Remove the two slider bolts securing the brake caliper to its mounting bracket with a socket. Hang the caliper from the coil spring with a suitable piece of wire to protect the brake hose.

2. Remove the two bolts securing the caliper mounting bracket with the socket. Remove the bracket. Pull the rotor off the hub. If it is being stubborn, hit it with a hammer a couple times between the wheel studs and it will come off. Always be aware of over-torquing the lug nuts. The Correct torque is 90 foot-pounds.


Apply anti-seize compound to both sides of the washer and install it over the stud followed by the open-face lug nut, but install that upside-down.

4. Draw the wheel stud all the way into the hub with the lug wrench. Make absolutely sure that the stud is all the way in and the head of the stud is flush with the hub. If the wheel is installed on a stud that is not seated completely, it will pull in the rest of the way slowly, and the lug nut will come loose and fall off.

5. Remove the open-face lug nut and washer. Reinstall the rotor. Reinstall the caliper and tighten the slider bolts securely. Reinstall the tire and the lug nuts, tightening them to 90 foot-pounds. Jack up the vehicle enough to remove the jack stands. Remove the jack stands then lower the vehicle.