Obtain A Personalized License Plate In Kansas

Collapsing of method raging? Takings the elevated course of action and switch to method phrasing! Inspire a personalized licence plate in Kansas, categorical your odd personality and constitute your presence hackneyed wherever the path of breath may yield you. It's as lucid as A-B-C, and 1, 2, 3.


1. Logon to Kansas' Branch of Revenue, Division of Vehicle Lattice purpose and download an endorsed manipulate for a personalized licence plate.

2. Print the manipulate.

3. Scan the characteristic directions at the backside of event two before proceeding to the practice portion. Keep all rules, regulations and policies in mind while filling out the application.

4. Write in the vehicle owner's name, phone number and complete mailing address.

5. Provide the vehicle's information, including its year, make, style, VIN, current license plate number and the month and year of its expiration.10. Drive to your local county treasurer's office with your application.11.

7. Enter two different choices for your personalized license plates using capital alphanumeric character combinations. The number of alphanumeric characters on your plate depends on the type of vehicle that you own; you may not include punctuation or symbols. You are allowed to use spaces, but count them as separate characters.

8. Sign, print your name and date the form.

9. Find your local county treasurer's office.

Check the vehicle type.6. Locate the heading that best describes your vehicle type.

Present your application to an office employee for signature and acceptance. Remit all applicable fees to the employee; make checks payable to the County Treasurer of your county.

12. Affix month and year tabs on your permanent personalized plates upon receipt and use.